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Credit Card Security Code Cvv Cvc Learning


Thanks to the CVV code developed by the banks to avoid the 4-digit password of the ATM or credit card while shopping online, it is possible to make payments online or remotely without the need to enter the card password.

There are many benefits of the CVV code developed to prevent the ATM or credit card password, which is a precaution to ensure physical card security, not to be compromised in virtual environments.

In this context, it will be useful to mention how to learn the CVV code, which is a necessity to know at various points, especially the processes to be performed over the internet, what to do if it is not deleted or if it is not visible, and derivative issues.

What is CVV Code

What is CVV Code

The CVV code developed by banks to be used during all kinds of payments that do not require physical card withdrawal, which can be accepted as mail order, especially the expenses to be made over the internet, is known only by the card owner. In this way, it is not necessary to know the password of the credit card when performing transactions over the internet, over the phone or remotely.

In this respect, CVV code solves a very important problem for customers, namely data security.

How to Learn CVV Code

How to Learn CVV Code

If your card is physically at hand, next to you or somewhere you can reach, the last 3 digits of the numbers on the white strip on the back of your credit card are called the CVV code. In this context, you should carefully protect the last 3 digits in the ribbon on the back of your card. You can share these 3 digits when asked for your CVV code in transactions to be carried out with internet or mail order types.

If your card is not physically with you or if your card is physically damaged, if the CVV code has become unreadable in the area where the CVV code is to be read, then what you need to do is to call your bank to indicate that your card is physically damaged and to renew your card.

Since the CVV code is only known by you as a credit cardholder, it is not possible to share this information with you by bank staff, because bank staff cannot access your CVV code information either. So, unfortunately, it is not possible to delete the CVV code, and if you do not have your card, you can call the bank or go to the bank and learn the CVV code.

For example; Even if you call the bank’s customer service to learn the Good Finance CVV number that has been deleted or cannot be read for any reason, it will not make any sense. The work to be done is the request for the renewal of the card.

However, if you still cannot shop because your credit card is not with you, there is an alternative method that you can use.

CVV Number of Virtual Card

CVV Number of Virtual Card

If your credit card is active, but for some reason, you cannot access the CVV code, then what you need to do is create a virtual card. After requesting to create a virtual card via internet banking, mobile banking or a bank call center, your card’s information will become accessible via internet banking or mobile banking application. In this way, you will be able to shop with the 16-digit number, term and CVV code of your virtual card, without the physical presence of the card, in accordance with the limit you define.

Creating a virtual card is one of the safest ways you can choose online shopping. In this context, it will be very useful for you to have one virtual card and make all your internet-based payments with this virtual card.